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Bioclimatic conservatories

Bioclimatic conservatories

Bioclimatic conservatories are enclosed glass spaces found adjacent to buildings which help contribute to the heating and cooling of the structure. A bioclimatic conservatory is the ideal solution for the enclosure of your terrace, balcony or garden whilst reducing your energy consumption.

The advantage is having the possibility to expand a living space without altering the volumetric dimensions whilst reducing Co2 emissions up to 20% allowing you to save on energy bills. A bioclimatic conservatory also raises your quality of life by giving you a thermo-regulated environment: fresh in the summer and warm in the winter.

The use of certain structures combined with specific materials allows you to transform your new living spaces into heat-retaining structures also to be enjoyed during the summer months. Bioclimatic conservatories differ from green houses thanks to special verandas that have the ability, especially if exposed southwards, to store solar energy contributing tomthe domestic heating but can also cool down the house during the warmer months through shading and ventilation.

In accordance with the current italian state laws-once certified that the terrace is being covered for energy-saving purposes following all proper technicalities such as heat reduction and direct and indirect solar dispersion-it is possible to expand the volume of the property without specific planning permits.

To obtain these results the conservatories must be built following precise parameters regarding direction of exposure,building technicality and correct fittings to avoid ending up with the opposite effect-due to these special characteristics a conservatory has to be accurately developed both from an architectural and bioclimatic point of view.

It is advised to contact a field expert to put together all the required legal paperwork.


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Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

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Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

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