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Enclosure of balconies – The all glass system

Enclosure of balconies, the all glass system

Have you ever considered the privilege of being able to use an extra space of your home by enclosing your balcony or terrace? With Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane sliding glass panels you wont limit the use of your balcony to a short period of the year but will become a new ambient to be enjoyed with cold, hot, windy or rainy weather.

Limiting the use of external spaces like balconies and terraces to just a few days a year or using them as storage space is like not having them at all. Their maintenance and upkeeping can become somewhat of a chore.

Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane all glass system for the enclosure of your balcony is the ideal solution to enjoy it even with hot and cold wind. Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane sliding glass panes don’t fear windy conditions – they create a pocket of air between the house and the outside world adding a new livable space whilst increasing property value.

Choosing the Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane all glass system will allow you to enjoy new living spaces in your home and fully appreciate the beauty of all seasons.

Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane glass system doesn’t alter the buildings appearance and can therefore be easily used to enclose balconies.This all glass system is comprised of a single upper and lower rail track and a minimum glass profile of a couple of mm.

The elegance and design aspect of enclosing your balcony doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

The balcony can be closed during the winter months thanks to transparent seals placed between the glass panes and can be completely open during the summer thanks to the sliding glass and foldable package system.

The innovative balcony enclosure system combined with the sliding glass system allows the glass doors to operate even on 90 degree angles making it possible to create enclosures for round balconies.


Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

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Vetrate Scorrevoli panoramiche

Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

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