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Enclosure of porches

Enclosure of porches

The enclosure of porches with the Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane sliding system allows for more livable outdoor spaces and rappresents the ideal solution for villas, rustic coutry homes, agritourisms, farms, restaurants, bars, houses and business front residences.

Porches are a popular architectural feature in Italy’s perforated tunnel-like structure generally flaring towards the entrance-generally found on the ground floor enclosing decorative aspects of the building.

An all glass structure represents the perfect solution for a privately owned home porch but lends itself equally well to terraces, verandas, balconies, gazebo and winter gardens – a flexible and efficient solution against all weather conditions.

The practical and light sliding system allows us to open and close the glass panes with ease giving us the option to open it completely in the summer or partially close it in the event of an evening breeze or sudden storm.

The glass panes form a continuous transparent wall and are easily foldable thanks to the
exclusive package system minimizing encumbrance.

This type of enclosed structure guarantees and mantains a stable temperature throughout all seasons creating a quiet and dry ambient to furnish with ease.

Il sistema è costantemente testato e collaudato per la conformità alle normative vigenti (UNI EN 14351-1: permeabilità all’aria, tenuta all’acqua, resistenza al carico del vento, resistenza all’urto).
This system is constantly tried and tested to meet all legal requirements (UNI EN 14351-1:
testing draght, water, wind and impact resistance).

The enclosure of porches for you business.

The enclosure of porches is the ideal solution for hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs that want take advantage of open spaces all year round.


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