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Glass roofs

Glass roofs

These glass roof systems can be motorized.

Fitting a glass roof to your open spaces has immediate advantages: significant energy consumption savings, maximising natural sunlight and mantaining a stable temperature.

There can be ares in our home that we do not make the most out of due to the overexposure from the sun and meteorological conditions such as rain and wind which, even during summer months,do not allow us to be outdoors.

This glass roof system has a fixed structure which guarantees it stability and offers protection to outdoor areas all year round. Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane offers you a variety of combination options.

Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane high tech glass roofs allow you to make the most out of your terrace or outdoor space in any weather condition. You can leave your garden furniture and barbecue outside and even use them without having to wait for summer.

The Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane glass roof is made of taylor-made high transparency modules combined with a steel, galvanized iron or aluminium frame giving the structure strenght and safety.

Completely water-tight, sound-proof and immune to any weather conditions a glass roof is very practical to use and does not require much maintenence.

A glass roof will guarentee you the double advantage of protecting you from excess sunlight and bad weather whilst mantaining an outdoor surrounding. This glass roof uses a lightweight aluminium structure allowing it to be fixed to the terrace without the worry of load-bearing issues.

To facilitate the opening and closing action our glass roofs are equipped with a sofisticated motorized system which allows you to automatically close the roof with a simple click of a button.

Make the most out of sunlight choose a glass roof.


Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

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Vetrate Scorrevoli panoramiche

Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

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