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Terrace enclosures

Terrace enclosures

The demand to create livable spaces to enjoy all yesr round is relevant and on the rise both for an apartment complexes or private homes. Thanks to our wide range of foldable, sliding and panoramic window panes one can create new living spaces to be used in a versatile way-open during good weather and closed during bad weather.

If summers are too hot, winters too cold and springs are too rainy Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane offers you the solution with glass pane systems that guarantee protection from the elements be it weather or external noise.

Furthermore they can be installed with any type of roofing.

Our project manager will inspect the area and find the ideal enclosure.

Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane offers you solutions for terrace enclosures that allow you to enjoy external spaces as you wouold with indoor ambients.

This type of enclosure guarantees a stable temperature throughout all seasons in a quiet and dry ambient to be furnished in all tranquillity.

The seemless glass panes allow you to make the most out of the natural light creating bright and comfortable ambients, they are synonymous of cutting-edge technology and are the ideal solution against draughts, water and wind. They enclose open spaces creating conservatories which harmoniously blend with the existing structure.

Luuminous,transparent and perfectly sealed glass walls perfectly adapt to the characteristics of an external wall distributing the weight on vertical and horizontal mountings.


Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

Vetrate Panoramiche e Scorrevoli

Serre Bioclimatiche

Serre Bioclimatiche in Vetro Scorrevoli

Vetrate Scorrevoli panoramiche

Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

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