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Veranda enclosures

Veranda enclosures

The Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane all glass veranda option add space to your home in which to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature protected from the cold and bad weather.

External verandas represent an important multifunctional solution adding extra space to everyday living but also have the advantage of limiting energy consumption by mantaining a constant temperature protecting your home from the cold whilst allowing you to save on energy bills.

To achieve this it is essential the verandas are correctly built when it comes to thermal isolation.

By allowing the experts at Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane to enclose your veranda means getting the most out of transparency, protection and resillience: our special sealed closing mechanism impedes any form of infiltation, be it water, wind, temperature surges or noise pollution.

You can count on maximum brightness thanks to the absence of vertical seams that would normally break up the natural view and on an ample range of structural raw materials including: aluminium, PVC and wood.

Before building an outdoor veranda it is important to point out that it represents an extension of the pre-existing housing structure an therefore alters the building front. This means it has to be built within city planning parameters which may very from tawn hall to town hall.

Once cleared of all the necessary requirements you can choose the ideal solution together with the help of our qualified design team.

Seeking the ad ice of our field experts will guarentee the correct planning permits for the construction of an external structure avoiding fastidious delays.

Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane verandas do not require maintenance.


Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

Vetrate Panoramiche e Scorrevoli

Serre Bioclimatiche

Serre Bioclimatiche in Vetro Scorrevoli

Vetrate Scorrevoli panoramiche

Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

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