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Winter gardens

Winter gardens

A winter garden is a full glass structure that will enhance your house with a new and elegant open space to be enjoyed also during the winter.

Globally recognized as a bio-compatible and architecturally suatainable option a winter garden is a non invasive way to blend the existing building structure to it’s natural surroundings thanks to a thorough analysis of the design process and a carefull selection of raw materials.

Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane winter garden will harmoniously adapt itself to it’s surroundings giving you a brand new glass structure that lends itself to various options: winter gardens, polyfunctional domestic extensions, verandas, solariums or public areas.

Incredibly versatile, a winter garden can be used as a small or large independent structure. It can be built following both a classic and traditional design or a more contemporary approach thanks to an ample range of materials including wood, cast iron and aluminium.

Vetrate Panoramiche Italiane winter gardens use glass panes mounted on upper and lower tracks that protect the garden from rain,low temperatures and wind without compromising clarity of vision making it possible to use outdoor areas just like you would in the summer.

A winter garden is an elegant and original solution to bring out the full potential of your home or business in any weather condition.

Intresting fact
Winter gardens or wintergartens were originally used as green houses to grow oranges, lemons and cedars. Built near the villas or separated as an independent structure
they guaranteed the survival of citrus fruit plants during the winter months.


Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

Vetrate Panoramiche e Scorrevoli

Serre Bioclimatiche

Serre Bioclimatiche in Vetro Scorrevoli

Vetrate Scorrevoli panoramiche

Vetrate Scorrevoli Panoramiche

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